Managed Networks

Manage and monitor network infrastructure with confidence

What are Managed Networks?

A communication network that is built, operated, secured, and managed by a third-party service provider is called a Managed Network. It provides all the network solutions required by an organization. Delegate the responsibility for a physical or virtual network’s smooth and error-free operation to experienced specialists with managed networks.

UpRaqx delivers Managed Networks as a cloud infrastructure service and provides all the facilities to install and manage it. Both small and large businesses can benefit from this service. In addition to evaluating your current network, UpRaqx takes responsibility for its complete management.

Managed Networks includes:

Our Responsibility Area
⦁ Evaluating and modifying the architecture
⦁ Configuring and managing firewalls
⦁ Setting up and managing routers
⦁ Integrating security means being protected
Technology Stack
⦁ Cisco
⦁ Juniper
⦁ Fortinet
⦁ Huawei
⦁ Extreme Networks
⦁ Arist
⦁ Brocade
⦁ Eltex
How it works
⦁ A network evaluation is conducted
⦁ Embedded software is checked
⦁ Optimization is performed for better resource utilization
⦁ Documentation is prepared
⦁ Further network equipment operations are guaranteed
Onboarding process
⦁ Getting access to a network
⦁ Evaluating the existing infrastructure
⦁ Identifying embedded software requirements
⦁ Calculating the price and designing a roadmap
⦁ Finalizing the NDA and contract
⦁ Setting up network operations
⦁ Monitoring and 24×7 technical support

Why do you need Managed Networks?

Smoothness matters a lot in each business operation and for smooth operations, proper functioning of the network infrastructure is essential. However, expert-level knowledge is required to manage network infrastructure. UpRaqx can help you in fulfilling this requirement for expert-level knowledge. Managed Networks not only provide technical support, setup, IT operation, daily operations, and ongoing operations of your network but also allow you to save on resources.

Benefits of using Managed Networks:

Why UpRaqx?

Level of expertise

We have exemplified best practices for over a decade in both internal and external projects.


Equipment and networks that operate without error.


IT project management experience at various scales and levels of complexity

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