Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes clusters we help to build and implement.

What is Managed Kubernetes?

Get out of the risks and limitations of independent deployment by getting access to the various technological advantages of the Kubernetes service. The Kubernetes service provides development, setup and deployment of Kubernetes clusters capable of performing any tasks on various platforms. These services are suitable for start-ups, small businesses and large organizations. Our engineers not only create and configure clusters but also develop and support them.


Kubernetes (K8s) is open-source software developed to manage and deploy container systems at scale. The microservices packed with dependencies and configurations are most often used in modern applications.

The declarative setups and automation of Kubernetes make its usability easier. Even in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, Kubernetes can be used to deliver applications, scale them and improve their stability.

Why do you need Managed Kubernetes?

An application can be planned and deployed, scaled to the desired state, and managed over time by deploying Kubernetes.

UpRaqx can provide general hosting and management services or just targeted support. We provide Managed Kubernetes service for the setup and operation of K8s.

The tools
⦁ Engineers at UpRaqx deploy a cluster from scratch
⦁ Support for existing clusters obtained from other vendors
⦁ The maintenance of hyper-scaler clusters
Adavntages of Kubernetes
⦁ Lower expenses: Kubernetes usage helps to decrease expenses and to ease their management in complex situations.
⦁ Higher scalability: K8s increases fail-over protection and thus scalability.
⦁ Fast product delivery: Kubernetes helps to speed up product delivery to end-users.
⦁ Flexibility: K8s allow the creation of identical environments for development and testing.
How it works
⦁ According to your technical capabilities, scale, roadmap and applications configure your Kubernetes cluster.
⦁ Kubernetes cluster management and availability is our responsibility.
⦁ UpRaqx provides 24×7 support and full control of the cloud.
Onboarding process
⦁ Evaluation of architecture and projects
⦁ Pre-audit of the current processes
⦁ Price calculation and roadmap design
⦁ Conclusion of NDA and the contract
⦁ Clusters setup: either within the existing architecture or from scratch
⦁ Monitoring and technical support

Why UpRaqx?


Extensive experience with Kubernetes used internally by the company

Number of projects

Knowledge of various IT projects with different levels of complexity and scale


Positive dynamics of the projects

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