Managed CI/CD

Integration, delivery and deployment processes UpRaqx can automate everything for your business.

What is Managed CI/CD

UpRaqx allows you to centralize all deployments in a single tool and easily monitor the pipeline and tasks it contains. In the event you need to make changes, everything stays up to date and the pipeline can be easily modified.

Managed CI/CD from UpRaqx automates processes for creating and setting up conveyors for integrating freshly written code with the main codebase and deploying it to different environments.

UpRaqx focus on providing a flexible, accessible, and cross-compatible CI/CD pipeline. It’s managed by UpRaqx SaaS or deployed on-premise, regardless of the matter where you’re using it, it will save more time and add efficiency to the pipeline.

To aid the development team with frequent insertions of program changes, the Managed CI/CD service implements operational guidelines. UpRaqx team implement the customized solutions and manage the entire process by designing a new architecture.

Continuous Integration

The core of CI/CD is integrating working copies of code into a central repository, which is later integrated into the main development branch line. We ensure the prevention of production release issues with automated testing, automatic delivery and testing that occurs right after continuous integration.

Continuous Delivery

UpRaqx understands that continual delivery begins where continuous integration ends; by unfolding a code in testing and/or working environment after each modification. All these automated steps require manual confirmation.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment can only be achieved with full automation; no confirmation is needed for updates to be deployed. A Continuous Deployment process combines CI & CD practices in the final stage of the CI/CD process.


Referring to Agile practices, the CI/CD development method is the main DevOps component. The benefit of this technology is in the non-stop automation and monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of an application, from integration and testing to delivery & deployment of a final product.

Why do you Managed CI/CD?

Due to difficulties in understanding and implementing new principles, adopting new technology to existing processes can be challenging. By implementing CI/CD methods we can encounter several challenges in the process.

We avoid these hardships more smartly. UpRaqx will tune up the existing processes and put the entire project into order – all while ensuring complete privacy.
The mishmash of CI and CD notions
Issues with activities coordination.
Ineffective use of resources.
Security issues

The Tools

How does it works?

Step 1

A new architecture for processes and a suitable CI/CD system are being designed.

Step 2

Working environment preparation: implementing the technical practices for building CI/CD conveyors.

Step 3

We are assisting in a new approach to adapting: the processes will be viewed as primary, while the technologies will be viewed as secondary

Advantages of CI/CD method

Risk Minimization

Fast detection and correction of errors becomes easier with tests and delivery automation

Feedback On Time

With fast error management, the feedback cycle is reduced

Speed Of Update’s Deployment

One of the competitive advantages is rolling out new functionalities on time

High-Quality Of End Product

All these processes ultimately result in a high-quality product

Onboarding Process

  • Evaluation of the architecture, development stage, and volume of a project.
  • Process audit of existing processes.
  • Finalization of NDA and contract.
  • Paperwork-related technical debt is eliminated.
  • Design of the project roadmap based on the client’s goals.
  • Defining the roadmap and launching iteration movements with the client’s development team.
  • Checking outcomes, developing next roadmap stages, and continuing work in accordance with the CI/CD model.

Why UpRaqx?


Vast experience of DevOps and CI/CD practices for many company projects

Number of projects

Managing IT projects of varying scales and complexity with proficiency


Positive dynamics and understanding of service value in projects

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