Managed DevOps

Automate, test and deliver your software faster with Managed DevOps solutions from UpRaqx. Our team of experts provide CI/CD pipelines, support for your infrastructure (servers, network devices, special software etc.) and administration of your systems and services.

Technology’s we can Maintain.




Monitoring and notifications


Log managment


We Are Experts At:

Creating a simple and clear Gitflow workflow

Conflict-free version control Fast debugging and rapid integration.

Integration environment optimization

Integration environment optimization

Automating integration

Integrated workflow, from creating issues to deploying updates to production.

Scaling the infrastructure

Scaling of hardware and software along with project development.

Accelerating at all stages

Iterative development with immediate feedback on faulty code.

Transparent pricing & feedback to businesses

Performance evaluation in figures.

How Does It Work?

DevOps + CI/CD

The term DevOps describes a culture of coding, a set of practices and tools that help to improve development efficiency. It combines software development and IT operations. With the help of DevOps, we can shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high-quality software. DevOps is mainly developed to optimize the flow of value from idea to end-user by delivering value efficiently and effectively.

DevOps is supportive of Agile software development; several DevOps aspects are directly adopted from the Agile methodology. Developers, testers, product managers and administrators are usually integrated into one team. At UpRaqx, we act as your DevOps Engineers and optimize integration workflows for you with innovative solutions.

Managed DevOps mainly works on the CI/CD methodology, without interrupting the pipelines of continuous integration and delivery. Automating tests of all code changes to find and fix hidden bugs early, thereby reducing extra expenses by involving CI/CD.

Docker + Kubernetes

UpRaqx focuses on delivering effective solutions to our global clients. We use advanced industry solutions such as Docker containers and Kubernetes for software development.

Custom projects

Most complex projects can be integrated with DevOps practices. UpRaqx supports development tools for various coding languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, & JS.

What Else?

Game development

Start your game development planning with UpRaqx for an accelerated game development process. We start with an idea and end with the official release of your dream game.

Mobile app development

Develop iOS and Android apps quickly and publish them in app stores within an extremely short period with UpRaqx.

One-time assignments

UpRaqx helps to analyze and optimize large scale project architectures on an hourly basis with considerable discounts.


By using best practices, UpRaqx supports and facilitates enterprise website development on Bitrix.


Service Activtion

Step 1

Free audit of your

Step 2

Project cost calculation, and roadmap preparation

Step 3

The signing of the contract and NDA

Step 4

CI/CD and DevOps

Step 5

Once the objectives are met, switch to SLA

Step 6

24/7 monitoring and


The lead developer has left, and the project is still incomplete

One of the main goals of Managed DevOps is project organization. In need of general refactoring, we can help you by structuring the integration workflow and eliminating the issue of legacy code.

Our policy is that we don't provide source code access to third parties for security reasons

Confidentiality is ensured by NDA and Git repositories are stored on-premises. UpRaqx is a trustworthy partner with more than 12+ years of experience in audit and security.

I don’t understand the benefits of CI/CD

Managed DevOps makes things clearer. UpRaqx speaks the language of your business and makes it easier to evaluate the performance of the team & a developer in figures.

Why UpRaqx?

Extensive experience

The UpRaqx team has managed IT projects of various complexity both in public and private enterprise cloud, on-premises and inside various other cloud service providers such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud.

Single window

Managed IT, software and hardware, online services, and security audits can be ordered and managed via a single provider.


We always focus on using advanced practices of DevOps and CI/CD.

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