Managed Databases

We smartly create, set up & manage databases.

What is Managed

A managed database is a cloud computing service in which the end-user gets access to a database with the help of a cloud service provider. UpRaqx is here to set up and maintain a managed database for you and it’s our responsibility to oversee the infrastructure of the database.

Simplify the process of provisioning and maintaining a database with managed data solutions. UpRaqx can help you to deploy a production-ready database with just a few clicks in your browser. By simplifying and automating database management, UpRaqx makes it easier for anyone to build data-driven applications and websites.

UpRaqx offers Managed Databases services that allow you to create a new or manage an existing database cluster on-premises or in a cloud infrastructure. We also provide database operations and scaling for on-premises and cloud databases.

Managed Databases

Master-Slave vs Cluster

Master-slave replication is a mode of database operations characterized by low fault tolerance and manual failover. This approach may lead to financial losses and data losses.

The team of experts at UpRaqx uses a three-node cluster to avoid these issues and follows their approach as below:
Provides manual failover
Increases fault tolerance
Fights flapping
Decreases a number of incidents

Why do you need Managed Databases?

Today, data is the most important resource and databases are integrated into the IT infrastructure of businesses. The highest level of performance, availability and security of data is a necessity. Due to the increase in amounts of information, managing data becomes challenging for businesses. The Managed Databases service from UpRaqx will save time and labour. In managed databases service, we provide:
How it Works
⦁ Assessing the operability and accessibility of databases.
⦁ Optimizing resources is essential for their efficient use.
⦁ By transforming and modernizing databases, it provides high availability and performance
⦁ Support 24×7, including backup and security audit.
The Technologies
Onboarding Process
⦁ The architecture, volume and phase of the project are well analyzed.
⦁ The current process will be audited
⦁ Calculation of prices and design of roadmaps
⦁ Finalization of NDA and contract
⦁ Creating or modernizing databases or setting them up
⦁ Technical support and monitoring
Concentrate on important tasks with full database management
Relax, as your most valuable, resource-intensive databases will perform as expected.
24×7 support UpRaqx engineers are available to help you.
Simply expand databases with no downtime.
Ensure high availability.
Excellent back-up.

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