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Microsoft Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform that allows us to quickly deploy IT infrastructures of all complexity levels, as well as support a wide variety of databases, applications, development platforms, and other solutions. Microsoft has 54 regional sites in 2019, more than any other vendor.

Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform that enables quickly deploying IT infrastructures of all complexity levels, as well as supporting a wide variety of applications, databases, development platforms, and other solutions.
Professional Consultatoin
Migration to Cloud
Technical Support

UpRaqx Provides Support

Business intelligence
Analyze, capture and store data efficiently
Microsoft Project Server
To offer project life cycle
Microsoft Identity Manager
Identifies and manages user accounts
Microsoft System Center
For managing IT services

What do we provide?

Migrating and sizing infrastructure and providing comprehensive support

At UpRaqx, our team of experts will analyze the task at hand, determine the needed resources, and provide recommendations on how to optimally configure the system to meet your needs. We will try to optimize your configuration as per your usage, based on your needs and budget, depending on the growth of your company.


With UpRaqx’s assistance, we will help you navigate vendor portfolios so that you will receive the best offer. We will provide the advantages and disadvantages of each selected solution and explain how it fits the needs of your project.

Technical Support

Our English-speaking technical team will provide you with 24×7 support. The expert team of UpRaqx will respond to all your incoming requests and monitor the state of your infrastructure.

The optimized set of services and budget

We will assess the quality of the services chosen for you, depending on your needs and budget capacity.

Data Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery services from UpRaqx ensure that your data and applications will be available at any time without risking loss due to outages.

Time-saving and easy purchasing

Any Azure Cloud service is available with VAT-returnable payments in rubles so you will not have to pay extra for different exchange rates, pass currency control, or prepare a report on currency transactions.

Our Expertise

We’ve more than a decade of experience in delivering Managed IT services using third-party clouds and on-premises. With our expertise, we design high-performance and reliable architectures. At UpRaqx, Microsoft Azure Cloud is managed by our experts, who are aware of the suitability of services for a specific use case. With our extensive experience, we can offer you our balanced solutions that meet your needs.

Our Focus Areas in Cloud Management

Let us manage your Microsoft Azure Cloud Cloud in the following areas so you can focus on your business development:

Infrastructure Services

At UpRaqx, we develop and implement Microsoft Azure computing infrastructure and services while providing 24×7 support to our global clients. Additionally, to monitor and control system software, we provide development capabilities, storage and databases.

Development and Testing

At UpRaqx, our development and testing environments will be created in a few seconds by our specialists. As a part of your team, our experts can ensure seamless integration of ongoing business processes.

MS Azure Cloud Solutions for Developers:

⦁ Enhance the efficiency and quality of development.
⦁ Reduce the cost of development.
⦁ Launch the final product faster.

Compliance with Security Standards

Reliable security tools, knowledge and best practices of the UpRaqx team guarantee the security and safety of your cloud infrastructure.

Why UpRaqx?

Microsoft Azure in Figures

17 Local Zones

28 Wavelength Zones for ultralow latency applications

245 Countries

and Territories Served

115 Direct

Connect Locations
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