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Regardless of the situation, you are on your cloud journey, Google Cloud’s database solutions meet you where you are. With efficient database migration and modernization solutions, speed up the transformation journey. Google Cloud Platform is dedicated to offering IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS models of cloud services for excellent business growth.

Easily create, control and use clouds for different purposes with Google Cloud Platforms

⦁ Creating your own cloud infrastructure
⦁ Hosting and computing
⦁ Cloud migration
⦁ Twitter, PayPal, eBay and Spotify are GCP users
UpRaqx manages the full Google Cloud Platforms service package:


Technical Suport
Consultation on Any Product

What do we provide?


After a complete analysis, we recommend the best option for each task. The Google Cloud Platform portfolio of services will be described in detail. We will help you prepare your business for migration, during the planning and design process.

Providing Comprehensive Support and Migrating and Sizing Infrastructure

The UpRaqx Team will analyze the task at hand, determine the needed resources and provide recommendations on how to optimally configure the system to meet your needs. We always try to optimize the configuration according to your usage.

24/7 technical Support

The team at UpRaqx handles all user requests in accordance with our Service Level Agreement.

Optimized Set of Services and Budget

UpRaqx will assess the quality of the services chosen for you, depending on your needs and your budget capacity.

Our Expertise

With more than 12+ years of experience, UpRaqx has been successfully delivering Managed IT services using third-party clouds and on-premises. We focus on designing high-performance and reliable IT architectures. Google Cloud Platforms services are managed by our team of experts who know which services are suitable for a specific use case. To get balanced solutions that meet your needs choose UpRaqx.

Our Focus Areas in Cloud Management

Concentrate more on business development and let us manage your Microsoft Google Cloud in the following areas:

Infrastructure and Platform Services

Our team will deploy infrastructure and platform services and provide all necessary support and assistance, including:

  1. Operating Systems
  2. Virtual Machines
  3. Networks
  4. Databases
  5. Monitoring and Computer-assisted Teaching Tools
  6. Mobile and Web Applications Platforms
  7. Serverless Platforms for Containerized Applications
  8. Software Development Tools
  9. Content Management Systems, etc.

Migration to cloud

Our experts will move critical services and systems, like databases and applications, to Google Cloud Platforms. We perform seamless migrations without interrupting service.

Business Continuity

UpRaqx minimizes risks associated with infrastructure downtimes by providing backup, recovery, and integrity of data.

Development and Testing

The work of our team is based on CI/CD principles and we reduce market launch time for a product. Google Cloud Platforms tools for developers will allow you to:
⦁ Organize a development environment in a few seconds and without assistance
⦁ Raise labor productivity
⦁ Focus on your objectives and automate standard processes
⦁ Minimize system downtimes


UpRaqx will identify and fix any vulnerabilities by using our security assessment. We best practice IT security methods and use modern security tools. We have implemented many projects and all solutions and tools have been tested.

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