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Build your own IT infrastructure from scratch or use ready-made solutions from UpRaqx, which can reduce your IT expenses. Amazon Web Services provides more than 200 features and options. AWS platform features include mobile, web, and business applications, as well as data storage, processing and backup.

Amazon Web Services held 31% of the world’s cloud market at the beginning of 2021, exceeding other hyper-scalers, according to Canalys analytics. Azure and Google are the closest competitors, covering 20% and 7% market respectively.

Amazon’s expansion in new regions is faster than that of its competitors. It is the most demanded hyper-scaler in the world. Companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Facebook utilize AWS services.
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What do we provide?

Providing comprehensive support and migrating & sizing infrastructure

UpRaqx will try to optimize your configuration according to your usage, based on your needs and budget, also depending on the growth of your company. Our team of experts will analyze the task, determine the resource needed and provide recommendations on optimally configuring the system to meet the needs.

Technical Support

We’re available 24×7 to provide excellent technical support to our customers globally. UpRaqx team will respond to all your incoming requests and monitor the state of your infrastructure.

Time-saving and easy purchasing

AWS service is available with VAT-returnable payments in rubles at UpRaqx. So you will not have to pay extra for different exchange rates, pass currency control, or prepare a report on currency transactions.

Business Growth Consultations

The service is provided by certified professionals who will explain the AWS portfolio, help you choose the most suitable solutions, and make recommendations about deployment.

Services that are optimized

Depending on your needs and your budget capacity, UpRaqx will assess the quality of the services chosen for you.

Our Expertise

UpRaqx has more than 12+ years of experience in delivering Managed IT services using third-party clouds and on-premises. Design high-performance and reliable architectures by using our expertise. The expert team of UpRaqx knows which AWS services are more suitable for a specific use case. Choose us to get balanced solutions that meet your needs.

Aspects of Cloud Management we focus on

Let us manage your AWS Cloud in the following areas so you can focus on your business development:

Infrastructure and Platform Services

We will design and deploy the required solutions and provide overall management of:

  1. Infrastructure Services
  2. Mobile and Computing Solutions
  3. Application Services
  4. Networks
  5. Data Storage
  6. SQL and NoSQL Databases
  7. Development Tools
  8. Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence Services

Hybrid Cloud Building

UpRaqx integrates on-premise servers with AWS-based cloud resources.

Business Continuity

UpRaqx focuses on providing backup and recovery at the level of data or infrastructure components of any size.

Development and Testing

We’re here to work as your IT team and help you to simplify and speed up your product development. UpRaqx team works on CI/CD principles: the code and infrastructure can be deployed in the environment of your company at any time.

AWS cloud solutions for developers:
⦁ Improve efficiency
⦁ Automate most of the routine processes
⦁ Improve program quality
⦁ Reduce the number of code errors

Security and Compliance

Based on our reliable security tools, best knowledge and hands-on practices, we guarantee the security and safety of your cloud infrastructure.

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AWS in Figures

17 Local Zones

28 Wavelength Zones for ultralow latency applications

245 Countries

and Territories Served

115 Direct

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