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Alibaba Cloud is one of China’s leading cloud service providers, founded in the year 2010. It offers solutions to enterprises, startups and the government sector. More than 200 countries and regions are served by the company, which provides over 60 services and manages more than 20+ data centers.

Alibaba Cloud is used by AliExpress, Taobao and AliPay. UpRaqx has vast experience in managing all Alibaba Cloud solutions completely. Over 200 countries and regions are served by the company, which manages 19 data centers and provides over 60 services, including: Alibaba Cloud is used by AliExpress, Taobao, and AliPay. Our company handles all Alibaba Cloud solutions.
Data Storage
Internet of Things
Cloud Models(IaaS,PaaS,SaaS)etc
Big Data Analytics
Data Security
Artificial Intelligence

What do we provide?


Alibaba Cloud's portfolio will be discussed with you and we will determine which offer is most suitable. Each solution will be explained in terms of its pros and cons and how it fits your project's needs.

Time-saving and easy purchasing

Alibaba cloud service is available with VAT-returnable payments in rubles at UpRaqx. So you will not have to pay extra for different exchange rates, pass currency control, or prepare a report on currency transactions.

Budget and services optimized

This budget consists only of the necessary resources and services and will satisfy your needs.

Technical Support in APAC

To resolve your issue or escalate it if necessary, first-line operators are available 24/7.

Infrastructure Migration

UpRaqx will optimize the migration process by optimizing your infrastructure and reducing costs.

Our Expertise

With years of experience working with Alibaba Cloud services, we are experts at deciding the best and suitable solution for the specific task. UpRaqx focuses on offering a balanced solution to meet your business needs. Using our expertise, we design high-performance and reliable architectures. Get the best Alibaba cloud management services with Upraqx.

Our focus areas in Cloud Management

Leave your Alibaba Cloud management to us in the following areas and focus more on business development:

Infrastructure Services

We will design, deploy, manage, and support any of your vendor-based cloud solutions:

  1. Infrastructure and Mobile Services
  2. Application Services
  3. Storage
  4. Databases
  5. Development Capabilities
  6. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Internet of Things Services


UpRaqx will take over the existing infrastructure or provide services on-premises as well as public or hybrid clouds to Alibaba Cloud. We use the industry’s tested solutions and best practices.

Backing up and recovering data

UpRaqx team performs recoveries and backups for your data, systems, and applications, upon agreement with the SLA.

Development and Testing

UpRaqx team will work as your IT team and help you to simplify and speed up your product development. Our expert’s work is based on CI/CD principles: the code and infrastructure can be deployed in the environment of your company at any time.

Alibaba cloud solutions for developers:

  1. Through faster testing and deployment, enhance the delivery of software.
  2. Focus more on new feature development.

As a member of your team, developers of UpRaqx will ensure that your code and infrastructure are prepared for deployment.

Security and Compliance

Reliable security tools, best practices, and expert’s knowledge of UpRaqx guarantee the security and safety of cloud infrastructure.

Our assistance will enable you to:

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