Certified experts of UpRaqx are available on an hourly basis for any complexity of development projects


UpRaqx only charges for the time our specialist actually worked on the project. As a part of our outsourcing service, UpRaqx provides certified experts on an hourly basis. We provide free hands to customers to manage projects themselves or a project manager from UpRaqx can do so. Paying only for actual work will help you to avoid other employee-related payments (vacation, sick, leave, taxes, social security etc.) as these are dealt with by UpRaqx.

The Main Advantages of Outsourcing

Outstaffing vs Outsourсing


UpRaqx’s experts become an integral part of our customers' teams. The customer is in full control of the project and work performed for companies with on-premises development, departments and smooth processes (or if these processes need to be optimized).


UpRaqx engages its own team to implement the project, e.g. to create a website or an application. Performances are controlled by the provider. This is best for companies that are not working in the IT sector.

Why UpRaqx?

Global managed IT provider

The UpRaqx team has many years of experience in outsourcing and outstaffing IT projects. Our expertise and experience have been trusted worldwide by a great number of customers.


UpRaqx applies the best DevOps and CI/CD practices both internally and as part of customer projects.

Any Qualifications You Need

In any phase of the project, the customer can engage any certified experts, such as an IT specialist, a senior expert, or a DevOps engineer. You might consider hiring a team of professionals to set up the development-to-production process for you and to help you unload your own expertise.

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