Information security audit

External security assessment of and expert recommendations on your IT services. Minimizing the risks of confidential data leaks


An information security audit is an exhaustive assessment and examination of an enterprise’s information security system. It helps businesses to identify the weak spots and vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, ensure regulatory compliance, verify their security controls and so much more.

Experts at UpRaqx evaluate your IT system’s security and vulnerability to detect weaknesses and noncompliances, allowing you to understand how protected your business IT assets are.

Our comprehensive IT security report provides recommendations for corrective action supported by best international practices based on the information gathered. Businesses can rest assured as high-security standards are met by our experts.

What do we Audit?


Audit of wireless and local area networks, network access control, and network segmentation


Audit of OS security settings


Audit of virtualization system security settings


Audit of database security settings


Customised services to meet the needs of businesses.


Audit of information security controls settings


Audit of information security management system


Security assessment of the rooms under auditing

Why Outsource an Information Security Audit? Well, Why Not?

The ever-increasing numbers and sophistication of threats that businesses are facing almost every other day put a greater demand on data security. With users accessing the network from everywhere and businesses expanding their IT data, protecting assets require more resources. Thus, businesses are turning towards UpRaqx to help them secure their IT data.

Help create or improve your business processes
The ability to measure and improve information security and IT processes, and protect the most sensitive data of your business at the appropriate level, allows you to create your own or assess your current IT processes

Increase control over your IT and cybersecurity units
Increasing the control of higher management over IT and information security departments.

Reduce risk of confidential information leaks
Discover your current information security level and follow our expert recommendations to achieve higher security levels and minimize infrastructure risks.

How we work?

Your employees oversee all data system checks under the careful observation of our experts, as we understand how sensitive your information may be.
Sign an NDA to protect your business information

Establish a time and place for your representatives to meet face-to-face with you to gather information and verify current system settings

  • Provide suggestions for improving the infrastructure
  • Based on your experience
  • Investigating causes of issues and developing best approaches to solving them
Examining the infrastructure
During our assessment, we look at separate equipment and IT infrastructure together, review the processes, maintenance and backup, assess the work of IT specialists, and if necessary, their security expertise.
Checking the security systems
Among other things, we analyze the security level: confidential financial data, access policies, security processes, and network infrastructure security, as well as the compliance of your staff with internal security rules.
Expert Support
Customer services are provided by a team of qualified engineers throughout the lifecycle of the project, from deployment to 24/7 support.
Choosing the best solution
A security level increase that is in accordance with a company’s limitations, such as its technical capacity, budget, and deadline.
Formulating recommendations
A plan is prepared to address vulnerability detections in information systems, and non-compliance with security standards.
A detailed report on security audit is prepared with a description of discrepancies found.

Who we benefit?

Organizations seeking to avoid financial losses and reputational risks
Companies striving to improve internal control.

Companies affected by security incidents.

Main advantages

Through an IT security audit, you gain valuable insight into your current security measures, while following the expert recommendations from will ensure higher levels of protection. By undertaking an IT security audit.I'm subtitle

Independently assessing the IT infrastructure security level, we offer a comprehensive report to client that provides recommendations on how to increase security.

By implementing our audit-based recommendations, the client improves internal control quality and aligns the IT infrastructure with current security requirements.

Using UpRaqx's audits, you can safeguard sensitive commercial and other information, protect your systems from unauthorized access & viruses, minimize the human element in critical IT functions & enhance security at various levels: applications, operating environments, physical, virtual, network infrastructure etc.

Information security audits result in avoiding unnecessary IT costs and security risks, since they provide only appropriate recommendations. Furthermore, they reduce reputation risks resulting from poor information security, which is very important for any business, from banks to specialized enterprises.

Why UpRaqx?

  • The way we assess compliance is not just based on a formal framework, but on a combination of common sense and best international practices
  • The company has successfully passed the PCI DSS compliance audit several times in a row
  • Expertise in auditing and information systems for over a decade
  • Extensive experience in information security
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