Information Security

Designing a secured IT infrastructure

What is Information Security?

Security of information refers to a set of data protection practices such as controlling access to information, publishing, destroying, or modifying information, and preventing incidents from happening. This information can be in any form from tangible (documents), intangible (knowledge), to electronics.

Information Security is the process to establish a set of security strategies that protect your digital data. Previously IT security had been a checkpoint at the end of the development cycle. It was slow, but now, UpRaqx has come up with ways to provide businesses with built-in integrated security programs so that they can adapt faster and more efficiently.

Protection of data integrity, confidentiality, and availability are the key elements of cybersecurity. For organizations to protect their data, IT professionals should develop policies, procedures, and guidelines. Security is required during the process of storing, transmitting, and destroying information. Furthermore, there are domestic and international standards describing general security principles.

UpRaqx Deals with the Following Issues

Attacks against the information system

We analyze ways to protect against cyber crimes, including DDoS attacks, vulnerabilities of public resources, and internal network security. Pentests are performed based on Gray Box/White Box models, as well as Black Box and White Box models.

IT infrastructure vulnerabilities

Our team examines the client’s infrastructure as a whole and its individual components. We evaluate the protection level of critical data, the response level to incidents, as well as other important aspects, such as data backup.

Compliance with laws and standards.

Compliance services include a detailed audit and compliance assessment, as well as a mandatory report and recommendations to eliminate inconsistencies with Regulation No. 382-P (On money transfer security) and Federal Law No. 152-FZ (On Personal Data).

Who will benefit?

With the increasing trends of businesses expanding their IT infrastructure, there has been a constant threat of cyberattacks of various kinds. That is why Information Security is gaining a status of utmost importance in IT infrastructure. With the Information security service of UpRaqx, businesses can rest be assured of their data security and instead focus on taking their business to new heights.


Security Audit

Expert recommendations on your IT services based on an external security assessment

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Analyzing vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure by simulating targeted attacks.

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