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UpRaqx, a US-based provider of IT products, services and solutions, is situated in Delaware, USA. We’re experts at delivering technology solutions that help our customers transform their businesses. With a full range of IT services, UpRaqx aims to help businesses in overall growth and the development of IT infrastructure at a 360° level for our global clients.

Keeping IT infrastructure up to date according to Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) V3 best practices is a priority for UpRaqx.
UpRaqx proudly develops and invests in the research and development of innovative products to become one of the leading IT service providers in the whole world. We offer highly reliable, affordable and secure hosting in data centers globally. UpRaqx also focuses on providing comprehensive Managed IT Services that are available in private data centers, public clouds and private installations.

UpRaqx establishes a network of virtual data centers in foreign markets that are developing rapidly. We offer system integration and outsourced IT, as well as managed outsourcing of IT via online data centers. With more than 12+ years of extensive experience working with cloud technologies and outsourcing IT, we proudly serve our customers with the best IT solutions in the world. Our services include Managed IT, Outsourced IT and System Administration. Servers, Networks and Data Storage are also on our bucket list.
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