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Take your business to the clouds with the most reliable public cloud services provider: UpRaqx

Take your business to the clouds with the most reliable public cloud services provider: UpRaqx

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from is a cloud platform that offers many possibilities. Develop and test applications, run resource-intensive corporate software, deploy websites, create a disaster recovery platform, expand your existing infrastructure, or migrate to the cloud completely.

Benefits of Public Cloud


IaaS aids your business to scale globally, enhances application performance and accommodates spikes in resource demand, thus helping businesses to deliver IT resources to employees from anywhere in the world. Now increasing or decreasing the number of allocated resources based on the needs of your project is just a matter of a few mouse clicks.


We, at UpRaqx, religiously follow the policy of transparent pricing and ensure that our clients know what they are paying for. We provide our clients with the Pay-As-You-Go feature, which is to rent the necessary amount of vCPU, RAM, disk space, and only pay for the resources actually used.


We have been working with information security for over a decade and that gives us immense experience and innumerable combinations of strategies for IaaS security to protect your services and IP.


With our monitoring service working 24 hours a day, your issues can be solved promptly. If a problem occurs, our monitoring system automatically and immediately lets our proficient engineers know who resolves the issues so that they do not emerge again.


With IaaS businesses can innovate more and faster. Once they have decided to launch a new application, initiative or product, the requisite amount of computing infrastructure can be promptly ready, because businesses do not require to set up any underlying infrastructure.


The UpRaqx infrastructure is based on best-in-class hardware and software models: Cisco servers and switches, NetApp storage systems, and VMware virtualization solutions. The infrastructure is located in secure data centers to ensure the privacy and security of critical data and servers.

Global Infrastructure is well suited for

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud

It might be necessary to replace the local infrastructure when the cost is too high to purchase it. If your business requires periodic hardware capacity increases, a public cloud is the best option.

Development test environments

IaaS provides a lubricative platform for developers to experiment and try new tools. IaaS possesses flexibility and the ability to quickly scale the system to make virtual infrastructure, which is the ideal environment for app development and testing.

Temporary projects

Adding IaaS capacity to your resource capability to handle seasonal loads is another popular option. For example, during the winter holidays, online stores experience dramatic traffic increases. It is always possible for them to utilize UpRaqx's Pay-as-you-go service.

Backup platform
In case of disasters, recovering data becomes necessary and, IaaS can effectively be used as backup data storage. The customer can organise the schedule and frequency of backups according to their convenience. With the additional advantage of the servers being geographically distributed in the US, the Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, your data is safe.

IaaS frees businesses from


An experienced managed services provider

With many years of experience, UpRaqx has mastered the art of implementing and administering various cloud services like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. At UpRaqx, we create and upgrade infrastructure and provide the best solution for all business tasks

A reliable cloud platform

Businesses benefit the most from the technological partnership between VMware and Upraqx. VMware solutions have proven their capabilities in projects of different scales time and again. UpRaqx has proven to help businesses upgrade their VMware-based workloads or migrate them to the cloud.

IaaS for hyperscalers

UpRaqx provides and administers public clouds and services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, so rest assured. Focus on your business and let UpRaqx manage your IT cloud infrastructure.

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