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Why should you use it?

It is a must for businesses to increase their IT agility and get to the market quicker for better results. IT leaders and operations teams need speed, agility, and portability to unlock a set of capabilities essential in taking businesses to the next level and a hybrid cloud is perfect for the same. A multi-cloud delivers enhanced stability and security. It helps businesses with high levels of competitiveness to scale up and down without rebuilding apps, which in turn ensures more value from IT investments.


What UpRaqx has to offer?

UpRaqx a global IT products and services provider, offers multipurpose solutions in the “single window” mode – as based on our own public clouds, as well as foreign hyper-scale Amazon Web Services and Alibaba Cloud platforms. It becomes easier to manage cloud services from different providers. Our experts at UpRaqx can assist you at every step of your Multi-cloud development: from planning to implementation to security to optimization.

Getting started

Here are five simple steps that we take to get your private cloud rolling. Our experts will design a solution architecture based on the challenges and needs of your business. This will enable you to build a private cloud that fits the requirements of your business. Prepare it for production and test it, dry-run it, evaluate results and migrate workloads.

The process

The Planning Process.
Assessing a client’s infrastructure needs, evaluating vulnerabilities, designing disaster recovery and business continuity plans, and developing a technical statement

Conceptualizing a solution.
Defining an application migration strategy, designing architecture and service statements, choosing the best solution.

24/7 support and optimization.
Monitoring, configuration optimization to meet performance levels, flexibility, and effectiveness Management of the platform in accordance with SLA indications Management of data protection, evaluation of expenses, and reduction of administrative overhead.

Plan and run-up of the environment.
Stage-by-stage planning, preparation of the working environmen

Migrating and launching.
Production launch after data migration and testing.

Taking tests
The emergence of the base infrastructure and part of the solutions, and various tests.


High reliability/performance

Due to the absence of a single point of failure, workload distribution among various cloud platforms of varying providers allows creating a more reliable environment.

A variety of virtualization technologies

Using any virtualization technology supported by the provider within one infrastructure can result in maximum profit for the client.

Optimum expenditures

In Multicloud, clients have the ability to choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution following comparison of services from different providers.

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