Hybrid Cloud

Bridge your clouds and move your business towards better connectivity, Bridge your clouds and get the best of both.


A hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines private cloud and public cloud that in turn allows data and applications to be shared between the two clouds.

Hybrid cloud offers high-level agility for dynamic workloads, enabling separating critical tasks from the rest of operations and allocating proper resources to each process.

Hybrid clouds provide full flexibility in terms of timelines for projects of any length. Businesses set the calculation quantity that best meets their needs at the outset, and can easily adjust this quantity if their needs change later.

As such, hybrid cloud technology is highly economically rational, since it spares clients from investing in extra computing capacity, and the system is not charged for idle time if it decides to shift there to handle lower workloads.

With UpRaqx’s hybrid cloud, your business can unlock a set of capabilities essential in today’s world, including speed, agility, portability and let your business soar high.


For businesses, it is essential that they future proof their IT infrastructure as they invest heavily in infrastructure, applications, processes, and policies. Businesses experience scale-ups and downs and that is when the hybrid cloud’s ability to scale both up and down rapidly, to transfer data and tasks comes in handy.

Hybrid clouds are more than just a combination of public and private clouds. The security of data in the latter, plus the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of the former, represent only the tip of the iceberg. UpRaqx’s hybrid cloud solutions have much more to offer like flexibility, scalability, and outreach.

Choosing the right tasks

To increase reliability, specific systems are backed up
Grounds for testing
Space for temporary work
Backup storage platform based on a private cloud system
An application with an untested load is deployed

Principle advantages

Compliance with third-party regulations
Reduced load on local resources
On-demand scalability
Bringing costs down
Services are available 24 hours a day
Intensive security measures

The short explanation of how it works

Private computing power

Software, operating systems, etc. can differ with a cloud platform under a common management tool system. Cloud components can remain idle for calm periods; during peak loads, joint environments can be quickly switched.

A hybrid solution

Ideal for separating data and tasks: those in constant use can live in a private sector, while tasks meant for storage are forwarded to a cloud. By automating hybrid cloud management, you can ensure that your entire system runs at maximum efficiency.

Why UpRaqx?

Over the decades, we have built hybrid infrastructures based on VMware solutions. Due to UpRaqx’s unified virtualization technology businesses can encash the advantage of moving applications inside a hybrid cloud without incurring functional losses, without requiring any configurations. Thus, to expand any corporate environment, UpRaqx’s unified management platform is the most convenient and effective way. 

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